The Benefit of Outsourcing Your Sales Force

Manufacturers’ Representatives offer the Manufacturer a fixed cost of sales by eliminating direct employee expenses such as medical and worker’s compensation insurance and transportation and travel expense.

Manufacturers’ Representatives have long-term continuity and knowledge of their customers and territory. 

Manufacturers’ Representatives today are capable of setting up new distribution channels as well as growing existing distribution.

Code Of Ethics

  1. To comply with the principal’s terms and conditions of sale at all times.
  2. To conscientiously cover the assigned territory, accounts or industry segment.
  3. To avoid any form of misrepresentation.
  4. To establish relationships only with those principals which will be well represented by the sales agency.
  5. To refrain from representing competing lines without written agreement of the principal.
  6. To constantly strive to add value to the relationship between the principal and the customer.
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